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A film by Abraham Felix

When an isolated mixed race woman rediscovers a childhood diary, painful memories threaten to derail her attempt to take control of her life.

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Corner Stores

A documentary by Julia E. Evans 

“Save our corner stores!,” a neighbor shouts on the corner of Dryades and Second. New Orleans is a city built around its corner stores. Yet, the city’s corner stores are disappearing.

Corner Stores is a showcase of New Orleans’ idiosyncratic, community-oriented culture. “Neighborhood folks come, people passing through…” Oliver Coleman narrates from the corner of Calliope and Simon Bolivar.  Each of the corner stores has it specific character and history. In many ways, this character reflects the cultural diversity of New Orleans. These differences are part of the ethnographic component of this project. The web series will focus on sensory experiences as well as personal histories to highlight each store’s individual character. Meditative audio and video footage (also referred to as en cinéma vérité footage) of corner stores scenes augment the project’s narrative, immersing the viewer in the experience of being at a New Orleans corner store. The footage explores the dozens of moods, rhythms, exchanges that take place “at a store at the corner of two streets.”  The corner store is a rich tradition in New Orleans. Corner stores are the sites for culinary innovation, down home cooking, and neighborhood gatherings, and their progressive loss is changing every  neighborhood.  This project is an offshoot of New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC) Fall 2015 filmmaker workshop: Introduction to Documentary Film Production.  

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a documentary by Benjamin Simmons

Animals is a love story about a shoe. It is set in New Orleans in the early 90s and tells the tale of inner city kids re-appropriating high-end fashion to meet their wants and needs. This entertaining story is built on the interviews of people who lived during this era of high crime, poverty and great times, including KLC (No-Limit Records mega-producer, Bustdown (New Orleans Rap Legend), Bally’s Swiss Museum curator, former street hustlers, and high-end retailers. Not only for entertainment, the filmmaker aspires to tell a story which relates to all people of all backgrounds; a story of status, dreams of a better life, and a desire to fulfill our basic human needs through external means. Much love to all that support now and later.




Roots of Fire

by Abby Berendt Lavoi and Jeremy Lavoi


Roots of Fire is a documentary film and digital series that explores Louisiana French Music as it pushes into the future. The film will spotlight breakout artists who are creating music rooted in Louisiana French, as they navigate the fine line between cultural heritage and artistic progression. The digital series will broaden out and feature vignettes with a variety of artists, including established stars in Cajun and Zydeco, behind-the-scenes videos, and featurettes on related topics.




Easy Does It

by EFI Productions and Worklight Pictures


Easy Does It is a narrative feature film (by EFI Productions and Worklight Pictures) set in a decrepit fantasy world of 1970s Southern Americana. The story follows two wild best friends- Jack and Scottie, who turn to crime to escape from an oppressive small town life. They tear across the Southwest, hostage in tow, searching for the American Dream as they attempt to rob their way to the imagined utopia of San Clemente, California.

The filmmaking team is comprised of 100% Louisiana residents- most of whom are University of New Orleans film alums. Directed by Will Addison.





Spotlight New Orleans

a live and web variety show by John Calhoun


SPOTLIGHT New Orleans is New Orleans’ very own late night talk show helmed by the friendly and charismatic John Calhoun.

  • Jimmy Fallon meets Prairie Home Companion
  • Conan O’Brien meets Austin City Limits
  • Dick Cavett meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse