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NOVAC Sponsored Projects

NOVAC sponsors film and video projects in any format, who are seeking to raise funding, resources and audience awareness.  We provide fiscal sponsorship, grantwriting and development support and access to NOVAC resources for our sponsored projects.  Our current projects include:

BLOODY NOSE, EMPTY POCKETS, a documentary by the Ross Brothers

Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets is a portrait of the lives of a disparate group of patrons and employees at an American watering hole today…  STATUS: Pre-production is in full swing, and extensive scouting and casting has begun. We hope to raise the remaining funds necessary for Production by mid November for a shoot in late November / early December 2016. We're aiming for a completion date by the end of 2017.

Donate to Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets  more about the film

TOURIST, a short film by Paavo Hanninen 

 'Tourist' is a short film that tells the story of Martha, A British woman who travels to New Orleans to escape mounting family pressure back home in the wake of her mother's recent passing. While searching for human connection, she takes on an assumed identity and finds herself wrapped up in a romantic encounter that quickly spirals out of control.
The story is about the encounters that happen in New Orleans, where people travel to escape, to become the person they never knew they wanted to be. here, where the mystical dances with the profane, where the dead convene with the living, and where the human clashes with the cosmic, Martha will attempt to understand if and how everything is connected. 'Tourist' is written/directed by Paavo Hanninen and produced by Lauren Cargo. It's the first short film in a series of vignettes about visitors and tourists in New Orleans. Thank you for your support! 

Donate to Tourist

ANIMALS, a documentary by Benjamin Simmons.

Animals is a love story about a shoe. It is set in New Orleans in the early 90s and tells the tale of inner city kids re-appropriating high-end fashion to meet their wants and needs. This entertaining story is built on the interviews of people who lived during this era of high crime, poverty and great times, including KLC (No-Limit Records mega-producer, Bustdown (New Orleans Rap Legend), Bally’s Swiss Museum curator, former street hustlers, and high-end retailers. Not only for entertainment, the filmmaker aspires to tell a story which relates to all people of all backgrounds; a story of status, dreams of a better life, and a desire to fulfill our basic human needs through external means. Much love to all that support now and later. (Come see the movie!!!)

Donate to Animals

ROOTS OF FIRE, by Abby Berendt Lavoi and Jeremy Lavoi

Roots of Fire is a documentary film and digital series that explores Louisiana French Music as it pushes into the future. The film will spotlight breakout artists who are creating music rooted in Louisiana French, as they navigate the fine line between cultural heritage and artistic progression. The digital series will broaden out and feature vignettes with a variety of artists, including established stars in Cajun and Zydeco, behind-the-scenes videos, and featurettes on related topics.

Donate to Roots of Fire here!  Roots of Fire Official Website!

EASY DOES IT, by Will Addison

Easy Does It is a narrative feature film (by EFI Productions and Worklight Pictures) set in a decrepit fantasy world of 1970s Southern Americana. The story follows two wild best friends- Jack and Scottie, who turn to crime to escape from an oppressive small town life. They tear across the Southwest, hostage in tow, searching for the American Dream as they attempt to rob their way to the imagined utopia of San Clemente, California.

The filmmaking team is comprised of 100% Louisiana residents- most of whom are University of New Orleans film alums. Directed by Will Addison.

donate to easy does it Easy Does It website!


Battlefield: Home is a feature-length documentary about the issues that impact our veterans and families when the call to duty ends.  As our country learns the cost of war through IEDs, TBIs, and PTSD, the story of the individual's struggle can often become lost in a world of acronyms.  Battlefield:Home introduces us to real veterans and their real struggles.

Donate to Battlefield Home! Battlefield:Home website

Forgotten Bayou, a documentary by Victoria Greene

Forgotten Bayou is a feature-length documentary about a giant sinkhole in the middle of the Southern Louisiana swamps causing the death of a beautiful, pristine bayou community. This film explains this on-going environmental accident/disaster and how the homeowners struggle to cope and yet remain stuck in limbo. Of the original one hundred and fifty families, only a handful remain of this once thriving community. The sinkhole formed on August 3, 201 and they mandatory evacuation order called that on that day, remains in effect. Donate to Forgotten Bayou!

Donate to Forgotten Bayou! Forgotten Bayou web site! 

SPOTLIGHT NEW ORLEANS, a live and web variety show by John Calhoun

SPOTLIGHT NEW ORLEANS is New Orleans' very own LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW helmed by the friendly and charismatic JOHN CALHOUN.

• Jimmy Fallon meets Prairie Home Companion •
• Conan O'Brien meets Austin City Limits •
• Dick Cavett meets Pee Wee's Playhouse •

Donate to SPOTLIGHT NEW ORLEANS Spotlight New Orleans!

HAIL TO THE QUEENS, a documentary by Brian Nelson.

Donate to Hail to the Queens

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