Phan Plork emigrated to Buras, Louisiana, in the early 1980s to escape the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge.  He now is part of a vibrant community of over 30 families of Cambodian descent in the heart of Plaquemines Parish.  He and other Cambodian and Vietnames fishermen are active parts of their community, but struggle to be engaged in the process of coastal restoration planning, due to cultural and language barriers.  As he looks towards the possibility of needing to move his family and community, becoming a refugee twice in his life, he wonders if his personal resilience will be enough to see his family, home and livelihood through.  REFUGE premiered at the 2017 New Orleans Film Festival.

REFUGE, featuring Phan Plork and Sandy Ngyuen.

Directed and produced by Katie Mathews

Camera by Biliana Grozdanova and Alex Glustrom

Edit by James Page

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