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NOVAC partners with HBO for Community Impact PA Program

Here at NOVAC, we are so proud of the partnerships we’ve forged within the Louisiana filmmaking community. In a traditionally difficult industry, we are immensely proud to crack open the gates for many talented yet unconnected folk. As the new tax incentive is bringing productions back to Louisiana, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on something we’ve been developing for the last two years.

Since 2007, NOVAC has been the leading provider of workforce training opportunities in south Louisiana. In partnership with various organizations like our local government, and union IATSE, we’ve helped galvanize productions coming to Louisiana for the tax credit to utilize a more diverse and locally-based workforce.

Turns out, we did such a good job of it, major studios began to stand up and take notice! And so, for the past two years, we’ve worked with HBO on their Community Impact PA Program in every location, nationwide, where HBO shoots its episodic series. This has been an opportunity for NOVAC to learn exponentially more about the film industry in regards to below-the-line jobs and diversity and inclusion practices around the country.


The non-profit provides media training and production resources in the New Orleans area to help those without connections in entertainment gain a foothold in the business. Roewe collaborated with Williams and Pam Hacker, HBO’s Director of Corporate Responsibility, to “replicate what McKinnon had done so successfully in New Orleans on every HBO production across the U.S.” This partnership empowered Williams and Hacker to start the HBO & Cinemax Community Impact Program, with the added goal of expanding diversity to sets as part of this PA training program.”




One of the shows we love working with because of its wonderfully talented and supportive production crew is HBO’s Crashing, which films in New York City.


Production prepares for a scene on the Season 2 set of Crashing.


We are so happy proud to share with you a snapshot of where and how we work from a PA’s perspective on the 2017 set of Crashing. The article is a great read, and so exciting for us to see NOVAC interns featured on HBO’s website.


Kenny Carter, a Navy veteran, at work in the production office.

Ashley Jovine, a recent college grad, assists in the production office.

Thomas Springsteen, an Army veteran, loves being directly on set and learning about operations.










“The best productions happen when you have people who bring a range of talents and diverse perspectives,” noted Roewe. “Diversity enriches the project as it becomes more reflective of the people involved.”




Read the full article on!


This work has been truly fulfilling, and we are beyond excited to bring more opportunities like this to Louisiana in 2018! We are off to a great start, with high-profile productions like Green Book and The First having already begun filming here at home.


THE FIRST Production Internship Program 2018

NOVAC is proud to announce a partnership with the Hulu production THE FIRST- a drama from House of Cards creator Beau Willimon, starring Sean Penn and filming in Chalmette, LA. Beginning January 5, 2018, NOVAC will be accepting applications for this three-week, paid internship program, which will place locals in specific departments based on their preference and fit.  Departments accepting interns include:  Camera, Art Department, Set Dressing, Production Office, Accounting, Locations, Assistant Directors, Scripty/Video, Hair/Makeup, Costumes, Scenic, Electric, Grips, Props, and Sound.  The internship will be three weeks, beginning around February 1st, and will be five days a week, 8 hours/day for the entire three weeks (excluding holidays).  Participants will be paid minimum wage for the run of the internship.


  • Jan 5-19: Applications accepted
  • Jan 19-26: Interviews scheduled and conducted
  • Jan 26: Accepted candidates notified
  • Jan 31: Orientation
  • Feb 1: Internship on The First set begins

Applications due by January 19, 2018!




PA Bootcamp

Our PA Boot Camp program is a 2-day intensive of in-depth production assistant training for locals looking to get their foot in the door of Louisiana’s booming film industry. Taught by instructors from Quixote’s PA Bootcamp, locals will gain the hands-on experience they need to prepare them for their first job on a feature film, television or commercial set.


Topics include:

  • production paperwork
  • set terminology and protocol
  • hands-on short radio training
  • crew departments
  • finding work in the industry
  • and more!


If you are interested in receiving more information about the program, or recommendations for stellar PA Bootcamp graduates, please email



QUARRY Internship Program 2015

NOVAC is proud to announce a partnership with the HBO/Cinemax production QUARRY, filming in New Orleans this spring. Beginning May 11, 2015, NOVAC will be accepting applications for this paid internship program, which will place locals in specific departments based on their preference and fit.




  • May 11-22: Applications accepted
  • May 22-24: Applications reviewed, interviews scheduled
  • May 26-28: Interviews conducted
  • May 29: Accepted candidates notified
  • June 5: Orientation
  • June 8 – June 26: Internship on Quarry set begins