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For 45 years NOVAC has been producing high quality, relevant social and community content, with the goal of creating content in partnership with the communities we are part of and who we represent. In 1974 we launched Survival Information Television, a series of documentary content addressing issues in New Orleans designed and created by New Orleanians.


Today we produce video content through our Virtuous Video production services, an annual slate of free music videos for local musicians in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, original documentary content and youth-created videos through our Born Digital program.


Currently, NOVAC is focused on social issues documentary work, covering a variety of topics critical to South Louisiana. Click the buttons below to see films from our flagship programs.


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    Ceremonial site, burial ground, midden, gateway, lighthouse, high ground: there are countless theories and explanations for the purpose of mounds, earthen structures built by native peoples of the United States.  Mounds hold more than just fragments of ancient life, they can teach us how ancient......


    Phan Plork emigrated to Buras, Louisiana, in the early 1980s to escape the brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge.  He now is part of a vibrant community of over 30 families of Cambodian descent in the heart of Plaquemines Parish.  He and other Cambodian and......

  • MONIQUE VERDIN: signals::doc

    Antenna::Signals-docs presented in partnership with NOVAC As part of a series of short documentaries about local artists and activists who have participated in Antenna’s Signals live magazine events, NOVAC produced this short documentary portrait of the current work of Monique Verdin, St. Bernard native, citizen......